• Tenesha Talley Morgan State University

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Ebony, Jet, African-American media, civil rights movement, media representation


This article explores the role of Ebony and Jet magazines during the Korean War in shaping African- American perspectives amid the societal shifts of the post-World War II era. While these publications were instrumental in portraying African-American success and entertainment, they fell short in adequately covering the intellectual and political aspects of the time, particularly concerning the Korean War. Ebony, despite its emphasis on achievements and notable figures, neglected significant wartime updates and conditions. Jet, though more reliable, also exhibited shortcomings in representing the broader spectrum of African-American soldiers’ experiences in Korea. The article delves into the magazines’ influence on beauty standards, advertisements, and their response to the changing African-American media landscape. Ebony, often criticized for its omission of African-American intellectuals, struggled to present a balanced view of the Korean War, while Jet, positioned as a weekly periodical, offered a more diverse range of stories but still lacked comprehensive coverage of African-American soldiers’ contributions to the civil rights movement.


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Biografía del autor/a

Tenesha Talley, Morgan State University

Tenesha Talley Department of History and Geography Morgan State University Baltimore, Maryland (USA)


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